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MA is Exceptional Academics, with a 10:1 student/teacher ratio and 100% graduation rate. Our school consistently tests above the local, state and national averages at every grade level, plus we offer accelerated learning programs and dual college courses.

MA is student involvement, offering numerous clubs, competitive sports programs and meaningful activities for students of all ages. Our faculty and staff care about each individual student helping them reach their full potential.

MA is religious education, focusing of the teachings of the Catholic Church while emphasizing Christian morals and values that parents teach at home. We educate the whole person.

We are more than a school, We Are Marquette!



Why send your child to Marquette Academy?

With all that's happening in our world today, a safe place for your child's education should be the last of your worries. We have an environment which is moral and value based in a society that needs it now more than ever. Below are the top ten reasons to attend Marquette Academy!

1. 100% Graduation Rate

2. MAHS offers Dual Credit, IAI, and The Running Start program in which students can earn an Associate Degree while in high school.

3. 1-10 Teacher to student ratio = smaller class sizes

4. Average ACT score 24.3 (national average 20.8)

5. 1-4 MAHS students enter college as a Sophomore and many as a Junior

6. Students receive higher test scores at all grade levels: local, state, and National

7. Over 70% of our upperclassmen are currently taking college classes.

8. The last year MAHS students completed over 18,000 hours of community service.

9. Daily faith and religious instruction to develop the whole person. We reinforce the values you teach at home.

10. Currently, every student at MAHS is involved in some type of extracurricular activity; sports, clubs, and organizations.

A testimonial from one of our parents to our principal, Mrs. Rick says it all:      

“Now that I have e-learning under my belt, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I am with the job you and Marquette have done throughout all of this.      

 I have a lot of interactions with other schools, and employees who are parents in districts around the Midwest.  Marquette is far ahead of the pack, and you should be incredibly proud of the job you and all of your staff have done.        

My kids have adjusted very well – while missing their friends and teachers like crazy - and the support from their teachers has been excellent and prompt.  I’ve even learned a whole new bunch of programs and software, so old dogs can learn new tricks!      

Thank you for helping to make sending my children to Marquette Academy one of the best, and easiest decisions I ever make.”   

Ryan Reynolds

Due to Marquette Academy’s attention to detail, our students are better prepared for each next step in their education. Our Preschool programs are play and learning based, which means that in Kindergarten, students are reading entire books, writing and doing math. Junior High students are prepared for High School through the use of STEM based learning, focusing on problem solving and analytical thinking, as well as accelerated Math, English and Science classes. With a 100% graduation rate, and an emphasis on community service, our high school seniors are more prepared for college and the real world. We are the only school in this area who offers the Running Start program to earn an Associate’s Degree from IVCC while in high school. We also offer Dual Credit Courses, and the IAI program which both help students earn college credits. Google classroom helps facilitate learning at every grade level, even our youngest students are using technology via Chromebooks, iPads and the computer. All these things combined, puts our students ahead of the game!

We are confident in saying that Marquette Academy is the best choice for a quality education. Join the Marquette family today! Visit our website at for more information. To schedule a private tour, please contact our main office; GS 815-433-1199 or HS 815-433-0125.



Early Education and Elementary Campus – Houses Preschool through 8th grade
1110 LaSalle Street
Ottawa, IL 61350

High School Campus
1000 Paul Street
Ottawa, IL 61350

Marquette Academy is a Roman Catholic school community consisting of students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni under the direction of the Bishop of Peoria.

Marquette Academy recognizes that every person is created in the image and likeness of God and having an eternal destiny, strives to provide the spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical formation necessary for an eternal destiny in an ever-changing global society.

We dedicate ourselves to academic excellence, lifelong learning, holistic growth and Christ-like leadership. We believe in the development of the whole person who is value-oriented, competent in communication, and skillful in creative and critical thinking skills.

Marquette Academy also serves as a college preparatory school as well, integrating eternal truth and values into a strong academic program whose goal is to stimulate the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth of the students, thus enabling them to become competent, concerned, responsible and ethical members of an ever-changing global society.