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Support a Crowd Funding Project

In lieu of our traditional Fund-a-Need program at May Merriment, Marquette Academy is excited to introduce Crowd Funding. Crowd Funding projects will be time-sensitive and change throughout the year to meet specific goals.

Crowd Funding is an internet program that streamlines fundraising through the practice of financing a project(s) or venture by eliciting smaller donations from a larger pool of donors.

Marquette Academy exists because of financial support from three primary sources:  tuition, parish assessments, and fundraising.  We are able to offer students an exceptional faith-based education, extracurriculars, and athletics because of our generous donors. 

Donate online here:

Donate to as many projects as you like today, or until our goals are met! Please help spread the word about our Crowd Funding Projects for summer/fall 2022! Contact 815-433-0125 ext. 1017 with questions. 

Spread the word to your classmates! Get together as a class to donate to a project. Join our cause to support the Knights and Crusaders today!


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The Marquette Society is an elite group of alumni, alumni parents, grandparents and friends who along with our Corporate Partners provide financial support for the advancement of the mission of Marquette Academy High School. The dollars received each year are a major source of income that provides support to the operating budget. Please visit our Annual Gift Fund Page to read about our current challenges and make a donation.

Please join us for Friday Night Football this Fall! Check out the Crusader Schedule and all other sport schedules here.


To donate to Marquette Academy follow the link. We thank you for your generosity and support.

Hall of Fame

One of Saint Xavier/Ottawa Catholic/Marquette High School/Marquette Academy’s most treasured honors is to be rewarded as an individual who has been recognized for outstanding professional or personal achievement or for contributions to furthering the mission of this institution.  Each year, the selection committee will choose alumni or friends who achieve distinction through career achievement, community or school involvement or unique contributions to society.

The Marquette Hall of Fame preserves the significant legacies of these individuals in an exhibit which provides a brief biographical profile of the individual.  It shares the past in order to inspire and inform the future.

Nominations are now being accepted for 2023. Please send your nomination with a short testimonial/bio to Brooke Rick, Principal at : 1000 Paul Street, Ottawa, IL 61350, E-Mail:, or call 815-433-0125 ext. 1018. Nominations are due by February 27, 2023.

This year's inductees are: 

Eugene Donohue/Class of 1950/Agricultural Engineer
Barack Echols / Class of 1985/Attorney/Author/Political Scientist
Heinz Dietrich Suppan /Friend /Teacher/Author/Historian


Selection Criteria:

Candidates for induction into The Marquette Hall of Fame are selected from nominations submitted by people within the Marquette community.  The committee screens nominations and inductees are announced in the spring of each year.

Individuals elected to The Marquette Hall of Fame represent accomplishments in a wide variety of endeavors.  They have distinguished themselves in the media, the military, elected public office, entertainment, medicine, scientific research, entrepreneurship, business and many other professions.  They have shown themselves to be outstanding contributors to society and their respective communities, as well as being representative of the efforts of the mission of Marquette.

Each year, before the induction ceremony, inductees are presented to Marquette students at a school function.  Our intention here is to demonstrate to current students that a Marquette education or affiliation combined with appropriate individual effort can produce success in life.  The Marquette Hall of Fame inductees continue to make many contributions to our school long after the induction process is over.  Hopefully, by example, they will inspire future Marquette alumni and friends to distinguish themselves.



Sister June Anselme /  Servant to Elderly and Poor  / 1955

Sister Judith Aubry  /  Educator/Pastoral Minister  /  1962

Bro. Raymond Berta, FSC, Ph.D.   /  Professor  /  1958

Joanne Bogdon (Jankowski)  /  Cardiac Nurse/Transplant Manager  /  1974

Peg Breslin (McDonnell)  /  Lawyer/Legislator/Judge  /  1964

Col. Phyllis Butzen  /  Decorated Soldier  /  1972

Thomas J. Corcoran  /  U.S. Congressman 1977-1985  /  1957

Dr. Jerome M. Corcoran  /  EdDPresident-IVCC, Educator  /  1970

Elizabeth Cordial  /  Office Manager/Benefactor  / 1928

Dorothy M. Crawford  /  Educator  /  1921

Denis M. Crowley  /  MHS Board President 1972-81/Benefactor/Volunteer  /  1954

Jennifer (Anderson) Czech  / Business Woman / Advocate / Philanthropist  /  1979

Father Jeremy Dixon  /  Vincentian Priest/Pastor  /  1992

Col. Robert L. Doherty, Esq. CPA  /  Soldier/Dipolmat/Scholar  /  1955

Eugene Donohue/Agricultural Engineer/1950

Glen 'Joe' Dougherty  /  Civil Servant/Volunteer  /  1952

Dr. Michael Driscoll Ph.D.  /  Chemical Engineer/Lay Minister/Deacon  /  Friend

Norbert Dudek  /  Entrepreneur/Benefactor/Lifeline Pilot  /  1950

Robert Durdan  /  Electrician/Volunteer  /  1963

Barack Echols/Attorney/Author/Political Scientist/1985

Charlene Eike (Wisniewski)  /  Educator  /  1957

Anne Ewers  /  Patron of the Performing Arts / Kimmel Center, PA - CEO  /  1970

Tom Flanagan Ph.D.  /  Author/Educator/Historian  /  1961

Cal Flavel   /  MHS Teacher 1964-1999/Volunteer  /  Friend

Thomas J. Ganiere  /  Lawyer  /  Civil Servant  /  Appraiser  /  1979

Candace Gaudet (Crowley)  /  Volunteer for Depressed and Underpriviledged  /  1964

Bob Guyette  /  Physician/Surgeon/Author  /  1971

Robert A. Hagglund  /  Mathematical Engineer/MRI Scanner Design  /  1950

Jerry L. Halterman  /  Photographer  /  1964

Joseph P. Hettel  /  State's Attorney/Judge  /  1985

Sister Angele Hinkey (Judy) D.C. Educator  /  1955

Michael J. Hughes ChFC, CLU  /  Financial Advisor/Volunteer  /  1960

David W. Johnston  /  Aerospace Engineer-Saturn, Apollo, Skylab, Spacelab, Space Station  /  1957

Linda R. Malley / Friend / Teacher, Librarian, Counselor / 40 Years at Marquette

Mary Beth Maziarz (Gelbuda)  /  Songwriter/Performer  /  1989

Sister Maureen T. McDonnell O.P.  /  Director of Campus Minestry  /  1961

Gerald E. McGinnis  /  Inventor/Manufacturer  /  1952

James E. McGinnis  /  Electrical Trades/Volunteer  /  1954

Robert E. McGrath  /  Performer-Sesame Street, Mitch Miller/Singer/Songwriter  /  1950

Lawrence McGrogan  /  Businessman/Volunteer  /  1956

James G. Messaglia  /  Principal/Educator  /  1957

Chris Miller (Kuhn)  /  Child Advocate/Volunteer  /  1972

Father Walter Miller S.V.D.  /  Divine World Missionary/Pastor  /  1958

Jane Moran   /  Actress/Lawyer/Lobbyist/Teachher  /  1953

Philip A. Ortiz  /  Optometrist/Founder-I Care International  /  1954

Julie Pearson (Donahue)  /  Nurse Corps Captain, U.S. Navy/Professor  /  1975

Kenneth Lee Peddicord Ph.D. P.E.  /  Nuclear Engineer/Educator/Researcher  /  1961

Sister Marie Pillion RSM  /  Educator  /  1933

Sister Nancy Ponzi RSM  /  Minister/Educator  /  1958

Daniel R.Reynolds  /  Businessman/Volunteer  /  1964

James R. Schaibley  /  Catholic Education Advocate/Volunteer  /  1975

F.M. (Mike) Scherer  /  Industrial Economist/Author  /  1950

Fr. Carl J. Schmidt, S.J.  /  Priest/Missionary  /  1956

Sister Martina Schomas, RSM  /  Educator  /  1918

Emmett J.Slingsby Ph.D.  /  Ass't. Superintendant/Ill. Board of Education  /  1956

Heinz Dietrich Suppan/Teacher/Author/Historian/Friend

Andrew Varney M.D.  /  SIU Program Director/Medical Dept. Director  /  1979

William J. Walsh  /  Businessman  /  1957

Sister M. Claire Whalen O.S.F.   /  Speech Language Therapist  /  1941

Colleen Wyse (Ruder)  /  Magazine Publisher/Teacher/Artist  /  1971