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The deadline for all Marquette Academy incoming freshmen scholarships is Monday, April 15, 2024 by 3 PM. You will need a cover form (download below), an essay and 2 letters of recommendation. Everything can be turned into Mindy at the high school campus, or emailed to


DID YOU KNOW ... Marquette Academy offers many scholarships and substantial financial aid. In fact, every family at MAHS that has applied for a scholarship or financial aid this year has received help.

We know applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships can seem a little intimidating, so we will break it down for you in 6 easy steps.

STEP 1- F.A.C.T.S.
Your first step is FACTS, a firm that will determine the monetary amount that your family needs. We are pleased to offer FACTS Payment Plans and Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment on the same platform. To apply for Financial Aid please follow the link and follow the prompts. FACTS financial Aid application process will be closed by August 1st.  Please note that you must file for FACTs in order to receive any financial aid from Marquette Academy.

Download this FACTS FAQ for more information.

If you have any questions help is available at (866)441-4637 or email

***If you do not have access to a computer please call, and you can use one of ours!

This scholarship is open to any student who is a member of a Catholic Church in the Diocese of Peoria. If this is your family, by applying for FACTS you are automatically enrolled as an applicant for the Spalding Scholarship. 

2024-25 Spalding Scholarship Checklist

2024-25 Spalding Scholarship Protocols & Procedures

If you are applying for the John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship, please know that the deadline is April 26, 2024.  Please make sure once you complete your FACTS application online – contact the rectory at 815-433-0700 and ask Monsignor Merdian (or one of his secretaries) to put you on his letter of recommendation.  This would be a scholarship for Catholic families.

** The application process is now underway for the 2024-25 School year for the Spalding Scholarship through the diocese.  The application deadline is April 26, 2024.  The application checklist is online at  You must have all required tax documents - the 2023 tax return and w-2's must be uploaded to FACTS before that date in order for applicants to be eligible for a Spalding scholarship. **

The Joseph Hohner Scholarship is due to the LaSalle County Courthouse by April 16, 2024 by 4:00pm. There is a new application form, please download and read it carefully to make sure you are considered. This scholarship is given to Ottawa, IL full-time students who qualify. The Hohner Scholarship application is also available at

We offer nearly 30 scholarships for incoming freshmen (see the list below). To apply you need to take a few steps. The MAHS incoming freshmen cover form is in your packet. This form plus a brief essay on the value of a Catholic education at MAHS and the positive contributions the student can make as a member of our student body. You will also need 2 letters of recommendation. All of this must be turned into Mrs. McConnaughhay by April 15th by 3pm. Download the form here.

Once you complete the FACTS process you will be entered into our database and available for all MA scholarships and financial aid.

Marquette Academy scholarships are available for students grades K-12.

The Final step to Financial Aid is registration. Before registration, you will receive a letter telling you how much aid and or scholarships that have been allotted to your family. If you have any questions or concerns about the amount of aid received please contact the business office at the high school campus. View Registration Forms

If after all the scholarships and the first round of Financial Aid have been distributed you need more help, we suggest you fill out an Appeal form at any of our Registration dates. You will write as to why you need more help. This has been very helpful to a number of our families the past few years to help make MAHS affordable for their families.

Last year MA distributed OVER $300,000 in Financial aid to our students.

Please contact Mindy McConnaughhay (815)433-0125 ext.1010 with any questions. You can download the Appeal Forms here.
Or email:

Marquette Academy
Incoming Freshman Scholarships

The following is a summary of the scholarships offered to incoming freshmen. We recommend every family apply for the FACTS grant and aid assistance and for the Peoria Diocese John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship Fund both enclosed in this folder. You will be notified of the deadline for both of these.   * If not applying for Spalding FACTS must be completed before applying for financial aid.  All applicants should submit a cover form, a brief essay on the value of a Catholic education and the positive contribution the student can make as a member of the student body and two letters of recommendations. 

Download the Freshman Application Cover Sheet here

NEW - The Chris (Kuhn) Miller Memorial Scholarship - The Chris (Kuhn) Miller Scholarship is a monetary scholarship for an incoming freshman to Marquette Academy High School. This scholarship was started by the class of 1972. Chris (Kuhn) Miller was a member of the Class of 1972. On October 9th 2019 Chris, a beloved member of the community passed.  Chris was best known for her kind words and loving smile. She was the most giving person, and if there was a group that needed volunteers whether at the Academy or in the community Chris was there.  Chris was true Blue & Gold and loved and supported her Cru and Knights you would always see her in the front row at Bader gym cheering on the kids.  Chris embodied three things:  Kindness, Faith and Respect for all. Her spirit was unlike anyone else, and she is dearly missed by her family friends and our entire community.  The Chris (Kuhn) Miller scholarship recipient will be chosen by the Class of 1972 Scholarship committee.

NEW - Bob Guyette Scholarship -  Marquette Academy and Bob Guyette are pleased to announce the formation of the Bob    Guyette Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship will be available for all incoming Marquette Academy High School students starting the 2020-21 school year. Amount to be determined. For more information contact Brooke Rick at 815-433-0125.

The “Boots” High School Scholarship Dave, Don, and Kathy Wisniewski are providing a $1500 high school scholarship to a Marquette freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior to be used toward tuition. The scholarship is given to honor the memory of their mother/aunt Charlene Just-Wisniewski-Eike who believed in the value of a small school community and a faith-based high school education. Charlene, known as “Boots” to all, was a 1957 graduate of Marquette High School where she participated in various school events including cheerleading, tennis, and Catholic Daughters of America. After graduating from Marquette, Boots attended St. Xavier University where she received her education degree. She went on to teach at Wallace Grade School for 30 years. Boots always saw the best traits in her students and made it her mission to get her students to see those traits in themselves. Boots was proud to be inducted into the Marquette Hall of Fame based on her distinguished career in education. The scholarship is entirely need-based and open to all, but special consideration will be given to students who graduated from Wallace Grade School.

St. Ann Scholarship consists of a monetary scholarship award of $500 to an incoming freshman student during their freshman year. The scholarship, established in 2006 will be renewed at $250 during each year for the next three years so long as the student remains in good standing with an acceptable GPA. The selection will be made by the principal of MA and the business manager with input from the family. A criterion is given to an incoming freshman from any grade school that is committed to a Catholic education that would be a positive addition to the student body at MA. Financial need will be a high consideration, but not the sole factor in the selection.

Bill and Margaret Butzen Scholarship is a monetary scholarship of $800 for the freshman year and $500 for the remaining three years presented to an incoming freshman student.  This scholarship fund was established in May of 2000 by their daughters to honor Bill and Margaret Butzen on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. The scholarship is funded by the family and administered by Marquette Academy in a trust.  The recipient should be a practicing Catholic and involved in regular attendance at their church.  The student should be currently enrolled in a Catholic school or CCD program.  Financial need is considered but that is not the only criterion.  The principal of Marquette Academy or a committee he appoints will select the recipient.  Mr. and Mrs. Butzen will be advised as to the name of the recipient.

Betty Hughes Peddicord ’32 Scholarship consists of a one year Full Tuition Scholarship that is awarded to an incoming freshmen.  Betty Peddicord is a 1932 graduate of St. Xavier Academy.  This scholarship was established in February of 2000 by her children, their spouses and her 12 grandchildren to commemorate her commitment to Catholic education and her devotion to St. Xavier Academy , and Marquette Academy.  The scholarship is intended to give young people opportunities to grow, learn and prosper in the Catholic faith in the same manner in which Mrs. Peddicord and her children were given.  The endowment is maintained by Marquette Academy. The incoming freshmen recipients will be chosen solely by Mrs. Betty Peddicord and/or her family and is based on financial need, character and desire of the student to receive a Catholic education.

Julie Caruso Memorial Foundation Scholarship consists of a monetary scholarship of $2,000 given to an incoming freshman that is a member of a supporting parish and is renewable as long as the student remains in good social and academic standing.  Julie Caruso was a member of the Class of 1988 and is the daughter of Lucien and Kathy Caruso, who are long-time Marquette supporters.    She was an exemplary student who was involved in many activities at MHS and exhibited strong family values and high morals. Julie’s life was tragically taken in October, 1986. Julie’s family established the foundation in her memory. Selection is based on the student’s character and academic achievements.  The recipient’s name is placed on a plaque which remains at Marquette Academy.  The selection is made solely by the family of Julie Caruso.

John Sinon Memorial Scholarship consists of a monetary scholarship of $500 given to an incoming freshman. The recipient must be an active member of a Catholic parish and must be conscientious with a strong moral character. Michael and Barbara Heaton (Mr. Sinon’s daughter) family choose the recipient.

The James Michael "Mikey" Czech Memorial Scholarship
Stephen and Jennifer (Anderson) Czech have established this scholarship in memory of their only son James Michael “Mikey” Czech, who passed away on September 7, 2008 at age 11, from a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (“DIPG”), the most aggressive and deadly form of pediatric brain cancer diagnosed in children between the ages of 3 and 16.  Mikey’s mother, Jennifer (Anderson) Czech  was a member of the Marquette Academy High School Class of 1979. This gift was established in 2007 in an effort on the part of the Czech family to preserve the memory of their beloved son and to provide opportunities for deserving students to receive a value-based, Catholic education and assist students who do not have the financial resources to pay for it.  It consists of a varied monetary amount based on the success of the interest amount of the fund. The recipient must have and maintain a B+ grade point average. 

Joseph J Hohner Scholarship consists of a one year scholarship open only to full-time students in La Salle County. Award selection is based on both need and merit. The amount of the award will vary depending on the funds available through the scholarship investment, and on the number of qualified applicants. The scholarship is not automatically renewable. You must submit a new application every year.

Loretta Graham Marquette Scholarship consists of a one time $500 scholarship to a graduating Marquette Academy Eighth Grade student who has a desire to attend Marquette Academy as a Freshman and who is a good representative of Marquette.  The essay should be submitted to Mindy McConnaughhay and will be read by the Junior High faculty, who will choose the student to whom the scholarship is awarded.

The Chad Schneider Memorial Scholarship consists of a monetary scholarship of $1000 for the freshmen year and $500 for the remaining years. This scholarship is in honor of Chad Schneider who graduated from Marquette with the class of 1992. Chad’s life was tragically ended in late August, 1992. His family, who are long time Marquette supporters, established this scholarship in his memory based on the student’s academic standings, strong moral character and desire to receive a Marquette education. This recipient is chosen solely by the family of Chad Schneider.

The Anne (Butler ’40) Jankowski Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship in memory of Anne Butler Jankowski a 1940 graduate of St. Xavier Academy- Marquette High School. Anne had a high level of commitment to Catholic education and love and dedication to her alma mater. IN her honor her family has established a scholarship to further the education of a future Marquette Academy student. This scholarship will enable an incoming freshman from Marquette Academy to receive the same Catholic education she received and that she and her husband Joe were able to provide their eight children. This $4,000 scholarship will be implemented at $1,000 per year for 4 years. The student must attend Marquette Academy and be a parishioner of St. Columba church. They must be in good standings academically and socially. The student will be chosen by the Principal of Marquette Academy and the pastor of St. Columba church.

The Bob “Coach” Strickland Scholarship
This scholarship is a monetary scholarship determined by the Coach Strickland Scholarship Committee. All students interested must fill out the Marquette Academy Scholarship application. The Strickland committee will review the essays and chose the recipient(s).

The Garnet Paquette Memorial Scholarship- Is a monetary scholarship of $1,000 for the year provided the student remain in good academic and social standing. This scholarship fund was established in 2011 from the memorial donations honoring Garnet Paquette. Garnet was a 1962 graduate of Marquette High School and was a fixture in the front row of Bader Gym supporting her beloved Crusaders. Financial need is considered, but not the only factor in the selection process. The recipient will be selected by the family of Garnet Paquette. 

The Richard R. Rogalla Scholarship –This scholarship is in memory of Richard Rogalla, Richard died on March 17th 2004, and he was a 1993 graduate of Marquette High School. This scholarship fund was given to Marquette Academy to be distributed to students. Each year, five hundred dollars will be distributed as scholarship money. It may be divided or given to one student at the discretion of Marquette Academy’s principal. Mrs Rogalla stipulates that the recipients must demonstrate financial need and be an active member of St Joseph Parish in Marseilles. The Rogalla family will be consulted before the final decision is made. This scholarship is available to both high school and elementary students. 


The Order of the M Scholarship- Is a monetary scholarship based off of the funds raised by the Order of the M. This scholarship is to be awarded to an incoming freshman who displays good Christian values and is active in service to his/her community. The student will be chosen by the advisors and leaders of the Order of the M.

The Gordon Nourie Scholarship is a scholarship established from memorial donations and the family honoring Gordon Nourie.  Gordon was a strong supporter of Catholic education and Marquette.  Each year $500.00 will be distributed.  This scholarship is based on financial need, character, and the recipient must be an active member of St. Patrick Parish in Ottawa.  This scholarship is available to high school or elementary students.  The Nourie family will choose the recipient.  

The deadline for the above-mentioned scholarships is April 18th to Mrs. Mindy McConnaughhay at Marquette Academy 1000 Paul St. Ottawa Il. 61350. Recipients will be notified via mail.

The scholarships listed above have their funds invested through Marquette Academy. There are also scholarships available through Marquette Academy for those who qualify.

The top four scorers of the Explore Placement Test that are registered Marquette freshmen will be awarded $200 each.


Additional scholarships are available through many local parishes.