Marquette Academy

Welcome to Marquette Academy Elementary Campus.

At Marquette Academy we educate the whole person. What we do is as much formation as it is education. Our interest is not merely in the what but in the who. Certainly we want our graduates to be successful, but we are more interested in what kind of persons they become. Because we are convinced that character is extremely important, we believe the ultimate value is not that they succeed but that they become good men and women in the sight of God and their fellow citizens.

Marquette Academy fosters the educational and spiritual development of children from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade through a program emphasizing competence in basic skills throughout the core curriculum, the fine arts, physical fitness, religious education, and the Gospel value of service. Because we believe that parents are the primary educators of their children, we intend to complement, reinforce and extend what begins at home. This is a co-operative commitment based on frequent student, parent, faculty, and staff communication.

We believe that every person has a personal vocation given to them by God along with the gifts and talents needed to live that vocation. Our purpose is to encourage the student to recognize the fact that he or she has a vocation and to begin to discern what that vocation may be. We further intend to help each student develop the skills (academic and otherwise) needed to live that vocation.

Marquette Academy is committed to integrating the Gospel values throughout the school. This commitment flows from Bishop Myers’ pastoral letter To Reach Full Knowledge of the Truth. This is part of our overall commitment to and fulsome communion with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

The philosophy of Marquette Academy is accomplished by

  1. To promote the goals of Catholic education, namely
    a. to communicate the message of the gospel,
    b. to teach the religious truths of the Catholic Church,
    c. to develop a faith community and provide worship activities and
    d. to motivate the student to service.
  2. To respect the uniqueness and gifts of each teacher in supportive collaboration and service in the ministry of education.
  3. To accept the students as they are, take them from where they are and challenge them to know they can do more.
  4. To assist each student in feeling secure and self-confident in his/her abilities.
  5. To introduce children to varied educational experiences in the basic core curriculum, as mandated by the State of Illinois and the Diocese of Peoria, and to give them meaningful responsibilities which lead to self-discipline so that the individual can achieve growth and maturity – spiritually, morally, psychologically, physically, academically and socially.
  6. To encourage the student to share with his/her family the gospel values being developed in his/her life at Marquette Academy.
  7. To reach out to students and parents/guardians in a spirit of warmth, welcome, understanding and compassion.


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