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Thank you to all who supported our new Merry Everything Calendar Raffle and Marquette Academy. A special thank you to all who donated and sponsored prizes. Please take time to thank and patronize these local businesses.

Raffle Winners

December 1 - Susan Christensen
December 2 - Tom Miller
December 3 - Judy Walsh
December 4 - Mary Ellen Grubar
December 5 - Beth Melvin
December 6 - Trevor Harlow
December 7 - Michael Findley
December 8 - Bob Durdan
December 9 - Kathy Geiger
December 10 - Krystal Guzman
December 11 - Julie Shreve
December 12 - Joe Harmon
December 13 -  Mary Jo Farrell
December 14 - Erica Leiteritz
December 15 - Maribeth Hoffman
December 16 - Jerry McConville
December 17 - Sheila Myers
December 18 - Juan Garcia
December 19 - Virginia Maier
December 20 - Paula Perkins
December 21 - Jodie Poundstone
December 22 - Mary Ruth Aubry
December 23 - Lou Anne Carretto
December 24 - Ruby Clairmont
December 25 - Bill Willet


Thank you to each and every person and business who generously donated to this calendar raffle. Your support is appreciated by the over 400 students who benefit from our fundraising efforts.  Please support these local businesses this holiday season.

1. Handmade Nativity Quilt and Olive Wood Pens; Prize on December 2, the Dettman family

2. Christmas Hoodies, Claire Vicich; part of the Prize on December 4


3. Custom Jewelry Set, Unique by Teke, Deb Scudder; part of the prize on December 15

Thank you to our Calendar Raffle Sponsors:

Drew Ferracuti Law Firm
The Dettman family
Casa Mia Restaurant
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Prairie Fox Books
Claire Vicich - I'll Cut a Vicich
Mid Valley Concrete
Earl and Phyllis Donahue
The Cheese Shop
Hinterlong family
Ottawa Rosati's
A'Lure Aquarium Bar and Grill
Geoff Vezain, Wells Fargo
Pine Hills
Country Cabin Mixes
Metcalf Martin Plumbing-Heating
Anne's Hideaway
Monte's Riverside Inn
Mike Findley
Rocco & Linda Taglia - in memory of Rocky Taglia
Matthew Bullock Auctioneers
JJ's Pub
Bear's Den
Megan Rick
Unique by Teke - Deb Scudder
Woody's Steakhouse
Teke's Bar and Grill
Morris Chop Shop
Lodi Tap
Ottawa Bakery
Court Street Pub
Dan and Amy Thomas
Bill and Phyllis Durdan
Computer Spa
Phil Ortiz
Wendy's of Ottawa
Bob and Cheryl Durdan
Shearer  Tree Service
Ottawa Savings Bank
First National Bank
First Federal Bank
Financial Plus Credit Union
First State Bank
Rob and Lisa Snook family

Thank you to all of our generous May Merriment Sponsors! 


(Click each logo to visit sponsor websites)