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After our oldest daughter had been at Marquette High School for a year, we made the decision to move our younger two children to the elementary campus.  This was a scary decision as our daughter was going to be in eighth grade and had been at her previous school since kindergarten.  We could not have been more thrilled with how both of them were accepted and welcomed into the Marquette family.  We knew almost instantly that we had made the right choice.  Since then, we have been so incredibly thrilled by the opportunities that our kids have had at Marquette.  Due to the small nature of the school as well as the flexibility of the staff and coaches, our kids have been able to participate in sports, theater, and academic team all at the same time!  They will leave Marquette very well rounded and never have to look back and wish they had done more.  For us as parents, the established families of Marquette made it a point to introduce themselves and make us feel like part of the school right away.  While we don’t have the “history” of some of the families that have been here forever, we know we are part of the family.


The Kissels