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Fall 2020 School Reopening Plan

July 28, 2020
By Brooke Rick

Fall 2020 School Reopening Plan


Marquette Academy Reopening Plan Fall 2020

Reopening Plan at a Glance

Dear Marquette Academy Families,

We are continuing throughout the summer to prepare our building, faculty, and staff to properly welcome all of our students back to school 5 days a week, we will be ready on our first scheduled day of school. This will be August 19th for all Grade School students and Freshman. All High School students will report on August 20th. Preschool will begin on August 24th.  We have developed and made adjustments to our  plan using the ISBE recommendations and the CDC guidelines as blue prints to create the best plan to support your child.

Please know that it is our goal to hold ourselves to the highest standard of safety because your child is important to us.  Marquette Academy intends to implement the following for the 2020-2021 school year. Please know there could be more steps that will continue to evolve but we want to make sure that you understand what to anticipate at this time for the 2020-2021 school year.

As mentioned in my previous correspondence we have submitted and received approval for our full reopening plan for the 2020-2021 school year from the Office of Catholic Schools.  You can view the full plan at the following link on our Marquette Academy website and it is attached to this email. I encourage you to read it thoroughly.  There are two major adjustments from my original correspondence that have been changed in regards to face masks and Virtual Learning:

1.       Face Masks - Face Masks will be required of all students and staff during the ENTIRE school day, with the exception of outdoor activity, such as recess and while eating.

Masks must be clean, fit the student appropriately covering both their mouth and nose.

Begin investing in cloth face masks - look for masks that your child finds comfortable and expect to have a set of 3-5 for sanitary reasons.

We ask that masks have no phrases on them or offensive images.  No scary faces, skulls or crossbones, etc...  However, they may support a sports team (Ex. Go Knights or Crusaders or your favorite team of choice) or another theme (Ex. gymnastics, cars, dogs, unicorns, etc..)  Masks can be any color, as long as they are respectful, have no phrasing written across the mask, and are not distracting to others.

Masks may be cloth (please wash daily or have multiple masks) or disposable.

Again, we ask that 3-5 masks be provided per student. 

-  To be worn each day during school

-   Another (back up) mask to be placed in the front pocket of their backpack

- A couple masks to be given the first week of school to their homeroom teacher.  The homeroom teacher will store in a separate plastic bag in the classroom, in case your child loses or breaks their mask during the school day.

2.       Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning is now an option for any student if chosen by the family. Our virtual Learning program will be utilized through the Google Classroom as our online platform while also utilizing Google Meets. The virtual academy will require students to be in attendance online during the same hours or class periods as in-person students and participate in class via the internet during the assigned class times.   Students will access their school work through the Google Classroom and through hard copy materials sent home.  Families who choose the Virtual Learning Option will be required to utilize this option for the ENTIRE semester. There will NOT be a Hybrid learning option (Combination of virtual Learning and in person Learning) available at this time.  Please note that this program will NOT follow the same format as our previous E-Learning model.

Attached with this email is a survey that we are asking ALL families to please fill out. 

Please access this survey through the following link: Return To Learn Survey 

We ask that each family please complete this survey by August 10th . Thank you for your patience and support as a Marquette Academy Family. We intend to continue to improve the support that we offer through this pandemic experience.  I am confident that if we stay focused on our faith, our relationship with Christ, and are mindful of each other we will get through this and become a better school, community, and nation.

May your family continue to stay safe and healthy, and may you enjoy the remainder of the summer!


Brooke Rick