Marquette Academy



Brooke Rick Principal
Todd Glade Dean of Students
Sandy Kotek Athletic Director
Guidance Counselor  
Dorothy Fiesel



Father Corey Krengiel


Business Manager

Lisa Tenut


Advancement Director

Phyllis Donahue
Julie Verona



Cassandra Bartolucci
Fr. Paul Carlson
Naomi Pickens
Kathryn Ewers
Sarah Giffin
Msgr. Philip Halfacre
Michael Hall
Jeff Herkelman
Todd Hopkins
Fr. David Kipfer
Bridgette Losoff
Jane Mills
Cynthia Frost-Murphy
Mike Olendorf
Debra Snyder
Heinz Suppan
Rob Thompson
Mark Vickroy
Kezia Rodriguez


Advancement Office

Diane Whalen


Office Secretary

Mindy McConnaughhay


Network Manager and Technology Coordinator

Kathy Long