Marquette Academy

Spiritual Life

While we are proud of our students’ academic success, the true value of a Catholic education goes beyond success in the classroom. The spiritual benefits of a Catholic school environment last a lifetime—and beyond.

Our teachers are not only educators; they are spiritual guides to the children in their classrooms. Our focus on faith is evident in every part of the school, from the classroom to the playground to the cafeteria.

Children in Catholic schools learn about the morals and values inherent to our faith—your morals and values. Children who attend Catholic school are more likely to remain in the faith as adults than those who attend public schools. And research shows that children who remain in the Church as adults have stronger marriages that are less likely to end in divorce. They are more tolerant of others’ opinions, and more likely to vote or perform community service.

The benefits of this spiritual education apply not just to the students, but also to their families and communities as a whole. As Catholics, we are charged with developing faith-filled individuals who will lead our world in finding solutions to problems affecting peace, social harmony, and human and civil rights. This process of development begins when you choose to send your children to a Catholic school.


Proud to be a “Crusader” for life

Every January, a group of students travel to Washington D.C., on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade court decision to legalize abortion.   Students and chaperones march to our nation’s capital to have their voices and the voices of the unborn heard.   The trip gives students an opportunity to grow in their relationships with Christ and one another while supporting a cause. Before the march, students have an opportunity to visit various national monuments and museums.


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