Marquette Academy


Marquette Academy is a Pre-K – 12 Roman Catholic learning community that strives to promote spiritual, academic, social/emotional, and physical growth. We believe in developing critical thinking skills, a lifelong love of learning, and preparing our students to enter an increasingly interconnected society. Traditions here are embraced.  Dedication is the norm.  Excellence is the expectation.


Teachers outline course requirements and the manner of computing course grades at the beginning of the school term.
Academic achievement marks are given in letters corresponding to the following percents:

A= 100-92
B= 91-84
C= 83-74
D= 74-70
F= below 69

Marquette Academy Elementary students continually test above the national average on the IOWA basic test of skills. The National average for this test is 50. Here is how we measured up for 2012

3rd Grade-66
4th Grade-63
5th Grade- 72
6th Grade-62
7th Grade-63
8th Grade-64
Total School Composite Score 65