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Please join us in our non-event, where you celebrate your school by not coming.


You're NOT invited to attend the NO-SHOW Event held on January 26, 2019

We know you love Marquette Academy and value the time you spend here. We also know you’re a busy person, and you’d like a night at home once in a while. So, in lieu of attending this event that no one else will be attending, we respectfully request you do something else nice for yourself.

  • be a no-show
  • wear sweats
  • lay on the couch
  • pour a drink
  • don’t volunteer
  • don’t rsvp

The NO-SHOW Event is a May Merriment XXXVII Fundraiser. Our goal is to have every family buy a ticket to be a no-show. We’re so excited to have you not attend while supporting your school. Spread the word so your friends and family can stay home too! All proceeds benefit Marquette Academy students.

Suggested Ticket Price: $40 per family. NO-SHOW tickets are available online above, or at either MA campus. Please purchase your ticket by January 26, 2018.

And thank you for not coming!