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As graduates of Marquette High School, we realized the “sacrifices” our parents made to provide us with a catholic education. We always planned to provide our children with the same great education that we received. What we did not realize is what we would receive in return. We quickly learned that each and every person that works at Marquette is there because of our children. We know that the staff at Marquette Academy want our children to be safe and succeed as much as we do! We feel comfort in leaving our children at Marquette, knowing that our children are being loved, nurtured, and cared for, just as we would care for them. Marquette Academy is not just a school. It is spiritual. It is tradition. It is family! We know that our children will be faced with many struggles throughout their lives. As parents, we have been tasked to give them the tools they need to cope with life’s journey. Marquette Academy is here to support us and share our burden. This is priceless! 


John and Katie Nelson, both Class of ‘96


Parents of:
Drew (Class of ‘15), Nate (Class of ‘21), Keely and Morgan (Class of ‘25)