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As a graduate of Marseilles High School and my wife a graduate of LaSalle Peru High School, I found it a bit odd that we would be asked to provide a testimonial since we never had a tie to Marquette. Other than having several friends who were graduates of Marquette, we really didn’t know too much about the school and what it stood for. That changed….

When our oldest daughter Eleanor was in 7th grade at Marseilles Grade School, the realization set in that it was time to start investigating where the best fit for her would be in regards to a high school. While attending an open house at Marquette which was quite informative, the most impressive aspect of the night was the fact that so many of the current students were there as tour guides and ambassadors of the school. The atmosphere was friendly, supportive, and it did feel as though they were in fact a family. During the 2010 Marseilles Holiday Basketball Tournament that the Marquette men’s basketball team played in, my wife and I were volunteering at the tournament. We were very impressed with the support of classmates, parents, and alumni that showed up for every game Marquette was playing in. Sold….

Our daughter is now a senior at Marquette. She has had her share of trials and tribulations that come with growing into adulthood but with her support at home and the unwavering support from faculty, staff, and friends at school she has been able to navigate these rare tough times. Ask her what she thinks of Marquette and her response has always been “I Love It”! Relief….

Outside of having been successfully involved in Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball all four years at school, she has had the opportunity to be involved in numerous clubs and activities. While that is important to her for her high school experience, ACADEMICS have always been priority #1. With honors classes available and the Running Start Program in place, she will be on pace to graduate in the spring with her associate degree in hand as she embarks on her next journey to a four-year university. The work load is demanding but so is life. We feel she will be more than prepared for the next step. Success….

Our hope is that our two younger daughters will also choose to attend Marquette Academy. If so, we hope and pray that they can experience the same academics, extra-curricular activities, friendships, and family feel that Eleanor has encountered. Hoping….

Brian and Sally McCallum